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Plan your final journey with the help of O'Connor's Funeral Directors


O'Connor's Funeral Directors have an advanced funeral planning service which allows our clients to take care of funeral arrangements ahead of time.

Pre-funeral planning enables families or individuals to pay for funerals in one lump sum or through smaller instalments if preferred. We help clients ensure their wishes are catered for as part of our advanced funeral planning service.

If you wish to pre-arrange a funeral, one of our experienced funeral planners will visit your home or, alternatively, you can schedule an appointment in our office at our funeral home in Kenmare.

We are dedicated to ensuring all of our client's wishes are carried out and aim to deliver complete peace of mind for you and your family.


Remove future family financial burdens with the help our experienced funeral planners

Pre-Funeral Planning Services

All advanced funeral arrangements will be handled with empathy, respect and professionalism by our directors.

Our services include:

Selecting a coffin
Locating a grave
Choosing readings
Selecting flowers
Religious ceremonies
Humanitarian ceremonies
Choosing music

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to pay for an advanced funeral planning service in one lump sum?

Yes. Clients can choose their preferred payment method of one or multiple instalments. Our directors will ensure all services and planning will be carried out as agreed upon.

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