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Radio Kerry

Visit the Radio Kerry website to view the latest death notices for Kerry and the surrounding counties.

RIP ie is an Irish obituary website dedicated to publishing death notices in Ireland. The website allows funeral directors to post death notices on the website without additional costs to the family.

Death Certificate

In Ireland, death must be registered with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages for the Registration District in which the death occurred.

The death should be registered within four weeks of the death if possible and not later than one year. Those eligible to register the death are the nearest available relatives present at the death or in attendance during the last illness, or living in the district where the death occurred, or a person present at the death, or a member of the staff of a hospital or other institution in which the death occurred. In the absence of one of the above the funeral director may register the death.

To register a death, you must bring a Death Notification Form stating the cause of death to any Registrar. You can get this from the doctor who attended the deceased during their last illness. You must complete Part 2 of the Death Notification form. You must then sign the Register in the presence of the Registrar. You will need to bring photo ID with you. When a post mortem is carried out of the Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death will not be signed by the doctor until the results of the post mortem are known. Therefore, there may be a delay in obtaining the death certificate.

The Registration Of Deaths Offices In Kerry

Kenmare Civil Registration Service, Kenmare Community Nursing Unit, Kenmare, Co. Kerry.

Opening hours: 09:30-13:15 & 14:00-16:15 (Monday-Friday)

Contact:064 667 9504

Killarney Civil Registration Service & Civil Registrar of Marriages & Civil Partnerships

Sister Joseph's Road, Killarney, Co. Kerry

Opening hours: 09:30-13:15 & 14:00-16:15 (Monday-Thursday)

09:30-12:45 & 14:00-16:15 (Friday)

Contact: 064 663 2251

Grant Assistance

After bereavement, it may be of interest to you to know that there might be financial supports and certain grants and payments available to you. The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) provides certain one-off payments to help out families during this difficult time. Your local DEASP's representative (formerly known as the Community Welfare Officer) deals with some of these payments.



Exceptional Needs Payments For Funeral Expenses

These payments are paid under the Supplementary Welfare Allowance Scheme. You may be eligible for an Exceptional Needs Payment to help you with the cost of a funeral if your income is low. Each case is decided on its merits by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection's representative (formerly known as the Community Welfare Officer) at your local office.

Widowed Or Surviving Civil Partner Grant

The Widowed or Surviving Civil Partner Grant is a once-off payment to widows, widowers or surviving civil partners with dependent children. The current rate is €6000. For eligibility rules and how to download the application form WPG1, visit the Department website.

Where to apply:

Widow's, Widower's or Surviving Civil Partner's Pension Section

Department of Social Protection

Pensions Services Offices

College Road, Sligo, Ireland

Locall: 1890 500 000

This information is courtesy of Department of Social Protection and may be subject to change. For the latest information, visit their website.

Other Grants From The Dept. Of Social Protection

If a person dies because of an accident at work or occupational disease, Death Benefit may be paid to their dependents. It may also be paid to dependents if, at the same time of their death, the person was getting Disablement Pension for loss of at least half of their physical or mental ability, regardless of the cause of death.

Death Of Social Welfare Recipient - Six Weeks Further Payments

When a person dies while in receipt of a social welfare payment, the payment will usually continue to be paid to the surviving partner/carer for six weeks after the date of death if they are a named dependent/carer. Contact your local social welfare office for more information.

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