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Need help planning a funeral? Call us today


At O'Connor Funeral Directors, we understand the passing of a loved one can be a difficult and emotional time for families and friends involved.The funeral services we offer will be carried out in a professional and caring manner.

We have vast experience in religious, civil and humanist funeral services. Each funeral is unique to the individual and we strive to achieve the funeral service which is both meaningful and personal to each family. Funerals are an opportunity for all of the deceased's family and friends to say their final farewell.

When you first contact us, we will arrange to meet with you at our office or in your own home, in order to make the necessary arrangements.


We can be contacted by phone 24 hours a day

O'Connor's Funeral Directors Funeral Services

Below is a selection of the standard aspects of a funeral that O'Connor's Funeral Directors organise and oversee.


We can arrange removals from the deceased's home, hospitals, hospices and nursing homes. Our modern fleet of Mercedes hearses are available at all times.

Death Notices

We provide a full death notice service that informs all relevant local media organisations. We will then assist you with drafting a death notice and arrange for its publication in your chosen medium.


Death notices are accepted by the following:


1. National newspapers or local newspapers

2. website

3. Local radio stations

Home Wakes

Home wakes remain the most popular way for a family and a community to say goodbye to a loved one. O'Connor Funeral Directors will be there to assist you with the organisation of a home wake on behalf of grieving families.


We can organise singers, organists or any musicians for any funeral services depending on the preferences of the family.

Advanced Funeral Planning

At O'Connor Funeral Directors we help families or individuals ensure their wishes are catered for as part of our advanced funeral planning service.


We offer an advanced service that allows an individual to pre-pay for their funeral in one lump sum or in smaller instalments over an agreed period of time.


We can assist with the selection of flowers and arranging appropriate bouquets, wreaths and memorials for the deceased.


Our experienced directors can organise cremations on behalf of the family. We will liaise with the crematorium and organise all aspects of the cremation.

Initial Paperwork

We can assist with advice on death registrations and the medical permissions from hospitals. Any other paperwork that may need to be completed before or after funerals can also be overseen by our team. See Links for more details.


Families can visit our Coffins on the website to view our range which includes Wicker Coffins, Oak Coffins and Environmentally Friendly Coffins. Alternatively you can visit our showroom at our Funeral Home in Kenmare.

Religious Funerals & Humanist Services

Our funeral directors have extensive experience organising religious funerals as well as humanist or civil services on behalf of our clients. We are always available to discuss how you would like your loved one to be remembered.

Condolence Book

A book of condolence will be made available for the duration of the funeral service on

Grave Maintenance

We can arrange a full grave maintenance service on behalf of a family, including headstones, as well as implementing all necessary cleaning and repair services.


O'Connor Funeral Directors provide an international repatriation service to and from Ireland.


We help families in Kenmare and the surrounding areas plan funerals for their loved ones

Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for funeral homes near me. What is your catchment area?

O'Connor's Funeral Directors help families in Kenmare and the surrounding areas organise funeral plans following the death of a loved one. We also provide an advanced planning service for clients.

How much do funeral services cost?

The total cost is directly related to the choices made by the individuals organising the services. We assist clients in creating funerals that honour the wishes of their loved one while being financially responsible.

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